Skip the hassle of measuring or mixing CBD oils by using CBD capsules. At Rolling Trees you can find CBD capsules with varying concentrations of CBD. Capsules are also a great option if you don’t like the taste of CBD oil, or if you’re traveling and don’t want to carry a bottle of oil with you.


Green Garden Gold full spectrum hemp extract softgel capsules (900 mg)

Try Green Garden Gold’s new and improved full spectrum hemp extract formula with a higher terpene profile. With a combination of 30mg of naturally occurring CBD, and OMEGA 3-6-9, these capsules provide the perfect balance.


Green Garden Gold: Humanoflow Male Capsules

Humanoflow for men is a product designed to improve sexual performance and overall wellbeing. Imagine a product that could steadily increase testosterone levels from daily use. This proprietary formula will increase blood circulation, boost energy levels, increase strength, enhance sexual performance, build muscle and lower blood pressure.


CBD Panidiol™ Joint Formula

Nothing beats relief when you really need it. The Panidiol­™ joint formula is an incredible CBD product designed specifically for, you guessed it, joints! Green Garden Gold has combined ingredients that have been positively correlated to inflammation reduction and relief associated with arthritis and joint pain. By combining the benefits of CBD with the benefits of these other ingredients, the Panidiol Joint Formula reigns supreme over the competition. With a customer satisfaction of over 96%, there can be no doubt of Panidiol’s value to its users.


Green Garden Gold: Humanoflow Female Capsules

Developed by physician and chemist professionals, Humanoflow for females is designed not only to recover sexual well-being and youthfulness, but to improve overall health and wellness. Every ingredient has proven benefits, and they work together in synergy to provide you with the best female enhancement elixir possible.