Kona Gold Hemp Energy Drinks

These hemp energy drinks are blended with the highest quality organic hemp protein and the perfect combination of ingredients that taste amazing and will give you the boost you need without the crash. At Rolling Trees you can try three tasty varieties of this energy drink.

Candy Apple: After your first sip, Candy Apple's delicious natural flavors will instantly become your favorite beverage!

Platinum: Platinum is the smoothest cleanest tasting energy drink and has a delicious unique flavor all to itself.

Sugar Free: Enjoy your energy boost without consuming sugar.


Funky Farms Powdered Drink Packets

These drink packets contain 25 mg of CBD, 1,000 mg of vitamin C, many other vitamins and minerals, and NO artificial flavors! Enjoy an immune system boost and the benefits of CBD all in one delicious drink.

Available flavors: Citrus blend, Berry mix